Meet Dr. Yavi

Board Certified Psychiatrist in Washington, DC

Mani Yavi, MD
Mani Yavi, MD

“I’m passionate about the understanding of the human mind. It is both wonderful and complex. My research focus is to better understand the biology of mood and the development of novel therapeutics. I’m dedicated to my patients and apply evidence based medicine to optimize their mental health.”


Board Certified Psychiatrist


Fellowship - National Institute of Mental Health

Residency - Saint Elizabeth Hospital, DC DBH - Psychiatry

Internship - SUNY Upstate Medical University - Internal Medicine

Medical school - SUNY Upstate Medical University

Undergraduate - University of California, Berkeley



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Yahyavi M. Left sided weakness with a rare onion-layered etiology. Poster presentation 3/2015, Upstate Medical University Research Symposium.


Academic/Research Positions

APA-RFM Resident Fellow Member Representative - 2019

Washington Psychiatric Society (WPS) Executive Board Member - 2019

Career Leadership & Mentorship Committee (CLM) of WPS, Chair - 2019

D.C. Psychiatric Society, Chapter of WPS, Steering Committee - 2020

D.C. Advocacy Committee of WPS - 2020

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